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Fashion on a Mission to save and change lives all over the world.


Apparel & Accessories

Angeloria’s designs have a delightful mixture of vibrant whimsy and lady-like elegance.  Through the use of interesting prints, intricate details, unusual textures and patterns, Angeloria designs will encompass a broad aesthetic and market. 
Angeloria’s Women’s Apparel & Accessories customer is a woman who wants to look and feel beautiful, who loves cheerful colors, patterns and textures, and who wants to be noticed. Every collection will feature beautiful dresses that can be worn for special occasions, such as a gala, holiday party, wedding, or other important event. 

Many of Angeloria’s designs are versatile for the modern woman-on-the-go. Outfits that are perfect for “day-to-night” will be in every collection.  Outfits that appear to be dresses turn out to actually be a top and skirt that fit together perfectly and give the appearance of a fabulous dress, but can be worn separately, making them versatile pieces for a busy woman’s wardrobe.  Many of her designs are meant to be mixed and matched with each other.  Each collection will feature two or three outfits that are versatile and can be worn in other ways. This is especially appreciated and needed by women who frequently travel and need to pack lightly, and for women who have limited closet space and budget.

Angeloria designs will have the look and feel of a luxury brand, without the extremely expensive price tags.  Our first collection will feature some of the following products: Handbags, jewelry, blouses, skirts, dresses.

All fabrics purchased for our products are responsibly sourced from reputable fabric manufacturers that do not involve the perpetuation of human trafficking and/or forced labor.  Fair-labor fabric is hard to find and more expensive than typical fabric, however, this is another distinction that makes Angeloria unique.  In the case that fabrics, materials or supplies are donated, Angeloria does everything in its power to ensure that the fabric comes from an ethical and reputable source.

Elegant Princess Belt
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Angeloria Organics are made from 100% Natural & High Quality Organic Products.


Angeloria Organics

This began as a hobby for Angela; several years ago she bean to research the dangerous and wide-spread use of chemicals, parabens and preservatives by the cosmetics industry.  She always had extremely sensitive and dry skin, and couldn't find any organic products that truly left her skin feeling nourished and smooth as silk.  So she began to make her own.  After numerous failed attempts, Angela developed recipes for a body lotion, lip balm, and face cream that she loved. She would make them and give them as gifts, and eventually, friends and family encouraged her to begin making and selling her organic products.  Knowing that Angeloria was going to become a ministry about creating jobs for survivors who needed employment, she knew that teaching them to follow her recipes was going to be the beginning of a beautiful skincare department.  As our organization grows, we plan to develop recipes for even more fabulous products.

All of the Angeloria Organics products are hand-crafted.
We only use the finest of organic ingredients and we guarantee that our products are non-toxic and completely void of harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens or additives.
Beautiful Body Butter
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Luscious Lip Balm
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Fabulous Face Cream
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Ingredients Information

  • 100% Pure Almond Oil is an all-natural oil that's perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. Almond Oil is easily absorbed and won't clog pores, and it promotes clear, soft, healthy skin. I use Almond Oil made by NOW® Solutions, because they avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in all of their formulations.
  • 100% Pure, Unrefined, Organic Shea Butter.  Raw Shea Butter is a rich moisturizer and can greatly help in the reduction of stretch marks, eczema, wrinkles, dry and flaky skin, sun damaged skin, etc. Shea Butter is non-comedogenic and can be used by people affected with acne to help keep skin nourished. 
  • Avocado Oil is a versatile food-grade cosmetic oil with remarkable soothing and softening properties that leaves no greasy residue.  It increases epidermal elasticity while thoroughly moisturizing and softening dry or cracked skin. 
  • Triple filtered, high quality Beeswax.  I only order from a company that does not use any type of pesticides anywhere near their bees; this beeswax is collected from unsprayed and unfertilized fields, assuring the highest organic quality possible.  
  • Vitamin E Oil moisturizes, nourishes and softens dry skin.  
  • 100% Pure, Unrefined, Organic Coconut Oil.  I use only cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil that is chemical free.
  • Lavender oil is widely used in skincare products, since it has antiseptic and analgesic properties which will ease the pain of a burn, prevent infection and promote healthy skin regeneration.  Essential Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops of lavender plants.