Angela Keyes Bolick

FOUNDER/president/creative director

Angela is the true visionary behind Angeloria.  She has been designing and making her own beautiful fashions and accessories for over 20 years, and is thrilled to be able to use her passion to help others.  Her elegant style has a unique flair and feminine charm that delights her customers, young and old. She is very grateful for the opportunity to use her creative gifts and talents in such a unique way.


Barbara Zapatka

Lead Pattern-Maker & Sewing Instructor

Barbara has been sewing ever since she was a little girl, and greatly enjoys the process of creating new patterns.  She will be the one to teach our new employees the skills they will use on a daily basis, guiding and mentoring them along the way.  She is also a beautiful survivor of sexual abuse and human trafficking; she has overcome her past and lives her life to the fullest.  She is thrilled to be a part of Angeloria, where she can use her creative skills and talents to show others that they, too, can walk in freedom and happiness.