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Exquisite products.
Employing survivors.



Angeloria provides employment for survivors of human trafficking by designing, creating, producing and selling a variety of elegant lifestyle products. We also fight against human trafficking by raising awareness and by giving money to existing ministries that are rescuing victims, both locally and globally.

01. Minister to survivors*

We will minister to survivors* of human trafficking by employing them in a company that will treat them with love and respect.

02. Raise awareness

We will raise awareness about sex-slavery and human trafficking through our customers, volunteers, media and vendors.

03. Donate 100% of Profits

We will donate 50% of all profits to organizations that are rescuing victims from human trafficking, and the remaining 50% is reinvested into the company for the sole purpose of creating more job opportunities for more survivors.  In addition, 10% of all donations received by Angeloria will be given to organizations that are rescuing victims from human trafficking

* A survivor is anyone who was a victim of human trafficking and/or sexual abuse. Angeloria partners with Switch here in Greenville to identify potential employees.  We will eventually partner with other existing non-profit organizations who specialize in fighting human trafficking by finding the victims, and then rescuing, counseling, and restoring them into society.


"They deserve a second chance at life and the freedom to chase after their own dreams.”

ANGELA KEYES  |  Founder



I grew up in a wonderful, loving home here in Greenville, SC. I was protected, cherished and loved by my parents.  My dad was a pastor and my mom stayed home to raise my brothers and me.  She had a small sewing room off the kitchen, where she had her own business.  She made clothes, purses, draperies, and other things for people.  I loved going to the fabric store with her, where I would daydream about the fabulous dresses I thought her customers should be hiring her to make.  I loved flipping through the pattern books and my favorite thing to do as a child was drawing beautiful evening gowns and dresses. 
I thought one day I might become a fashion designer and live a fairy tale life.  But as I grew up, I changed my mind: I thought I was being silly and completely unrealistic.  I decided that I should be a responsible grown-up, so I became a secretary and got married.  Over the years, I was blessed with four precious children and was a stay-at-home mom.  Once they were all in school, my creativity began swirling inside of my head and I began to dream again; God was reminding me of the gifts and talents He had given me, and I knew He had a plan for me - I just didn't quite know what it was yet.  During this time, I was going through a divorce and did not know if I would be able to find a job... after all, I never went to college and had not worked for almost 15 years.   But I did find a job selling beautiful clothes in a women’s fashion store.  I also launched my own little business as a custom jewelry, accessories and fashion designer, and I named it Angeloria.  At the time, I had no idea that God actually had something different - something much better - ahead of me.   
For the last four years, my mom has been a volunteer for Switch, a local non-profit organization that rescues women from human trafficking.  This is how I first learned about the atrocities of this epidemic.  I heard the stories of women who did not live such a charmed and blessed life like I did; who are scarred from the abuse of human trafficking.  I was shocked by how their innocence was stolen and about the tragic life they were forced to live.  I was thankful for courageous people like my mom who were willing to go out on the streets in order to minister to these victims, and to help walk them through the process of recovery. 
When she told me about how difficult it was for these survivors to find employment, God gave me the idea of hiring them, teaching them job skills, and doing whatever I possibly can to help them on the journey to complete recovery and emotional healing. While I can’t go back in time and prevent their abuse, I can create an emotionally healthy and safe work environment where they can be proud of what they are doing and earn a living wage.  I want to encourage them to pursue their own God-given talents and abilities, because they deserve a second chance at life and the freedom to chase after their own dreams.

There are many people right here in Greenville that have already been rescued from human trafficking, gone through counseling and rehabilitation, but then end up jobless because they have no transferrable job skills.  I am going to change that.
Angeloria began as a simple daydream in my head – a fun little creative outlet that I would enjoy doing on the side, whenever I had some free time.  But it has grown and changed into something bigger and more important than I ever imagined.  I realized that I was supposed to do something that has not really been done before.  As I began to focus all of my time and energy on researching and learning about human trafficking, my heart became more and more passionate about helping the precious survivors who are looking for jobs.  I am not starting a business; I am starting a ministry that happens to be a social enterprise.  It would certainly be easier to start a business and hire skilled seamstresses and artisans to make the products I design, but that is not what I am supposed to do with my life.  I am called to be an abolitionist, to do everything I can to eradicate modern-day slavery, and to make a difference in the lives of survivors.
I am excited about the journey that lies ahead; I ask you to consider partnering with the fantastic team of Angeloria, as we begin the process of launching this ministry.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to make Angeloria a huge success, so that lives all over the world can be set free and forever changed.  
Gratefully and Sincerely,


Founder of Angeloria